• Training Department

    XTX Training Department is a recognised cell phone training institution, with years of active service and a long list of successful graduates. We have a fully equiped training facility which is designed to give our people the best training. This is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world.

    Module 1

    • Repairing Cell Phones, Tablets and IPAD’s
    • Hardware Repair Techniques
    • Software Handling and Flashing
    • Learn Deep Inside information

    Module 2

    • Refurbish Cell Phones
    • Cell Phone Business and Motivation
    • *We arrange accomodation
  • Technical Department

    We repair all Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, LG and other model hardware damages.

    Repair Types

    • Cracked Screen Replacement
    • Liquid Damage
    • Charging Port Replacement
    • Speaker Replacement

    Repair Types

    • Android Software Fix
    • Password Removal
    • White Screen Repair
    • Mic Replacement

    We repair all kinds of computers this includes laptop and desktops.

    Desktop Repairs

    • Power Supply Repairs
    • Display Repairs
    • Add Memory
    • Desktop Upgrade

    Laptop Repairs

    • LCD Replacement
    • Keypad Replacement
    • Laptop Speaker Repairs
    • Laptop Software Repairs
  • Printing and Design Department

    We design and print t-shirts and caps with tranfer/sublimation that are associated with a concert, course, contemporary artists, merchandise associated with a brand, tourist (or souvenir) associated with travel and many other custom designs.

    T-Shirt List

    • Blue Custom T-Shirt
    • Red Custom T-Shirt
    • White Custom T-Shirt
    • Yello Custom T-Shirt

    Custom Caps

    • Blue Custom Caps
    • Red Custom Caps
    • White Custom Caps
    • Yello Custom Caps
  • Sales Department

    We are buy and sell cell phones and computers, we also do mobile device recycling

    Cell Phones On Sale

    • iPhone
    • Samsung
    • Huawei
    • Sony
    • All other Android Devices

    We buy the following Phones

    • iPhone
    • Samsung
    • Huawei
    • Sony
    • All other Android Devices
  • SIM Card Distribution

    We supply individuals and small businesses with an opportunity to distrubute Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom SIM cards.

    SIM Card Distribution

    • MTN Sim Card Distribution
    • Vodacom SIM Card Distribution
    • Cell C Sim Card Distribution
    • Telkom Mobile SIM Card Distribution
  • Buy a refurbished phone

    We also sell affordable refurbished phones.
  • Learn Cell Phone Repair

    Apply NOW spaces are limited.
  • Opening Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      8.00 - 22.00
    • Saturday
      8.00 - 21.00
    • Sunday
      9.00 - 18.00

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We go an extra mile to ensure the customer is happy.

— Thabani Dlamini

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